INVO Heating is a brand owned by Procure Direct Ltd. Our Far Infrared Heating Panels are manufactured to the highest standard and designed to give maximum heat output while using the minimum input (wattage).

INVO Lighting offers energy saving solutions with our state of the art LED lights. We offer a full consultancy service, looking at every aspect of your lighting energy usage in order to determine the very best solution.

About us

INVO specialises in Far Infrared Heating Panels, Heating Bars and Panels as well as cutting-edge LED lighting.

As well as offering exceptional quality at affordable prices, INVO prides itself on the impressive cost savings its products deliver.

You will find INVO’s heating solutions in schools, factories, public sector offices and many other locations.

INVO also manufacturers and installs LED lighting. Its cost saving, high-efficiency lighting solutions are found in schools, commercial, industrial settings and offices.

INVO has total control of its product production, allowing it to supply the very best high lumen to watt LED, with LED drivers and heat sinks that are designed to work with the LED that is built into the light.

Why not take advantage of INVO’s free Lighting Audit, which will show you how much money INVO can save you?

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Talk to us: 01522 595 858

Find us: Procure Direct Ltd, 4 Poachers Lane, Sudbrooke, Lincoln  LN2 2GA

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