Designer LED Ceiling Lights

These luminaires are suitable for both wall and ceiling mounting. The unique design ensures that all types are extremely resilient and are therefore suited for use in public areas of hotels, restaurants and hospitals; aisles and stairways; and public areas of Local Authority buildings, schools and supermarkets.

Circular LED ceiling light using injection moulded polycarbonate, covered with milk-white polycarbonate diffuser, strong resistance to impact, slim and compact profile, it is a durable and elegant, low energy consumption lighting unit, suitable for indoor use.

High-performance microwave sensors are used in this series (where specified), in fact, it is a mini Doppler radar with greater detection distance, better precision, excellent performance, fast action time. The daylight or night operation model can be adjusted according to the actual application environment; it eliminates the failure or malfunction of the traditional infrared sensors under the influence of ambient temperature or dust.

Supplied with either a full power off or a highly stable LED dimming driver, the dimming driver has a step less adjustment range from 25%-100%, excellent design of the LED dimming driver eliminates the unstable flickering problem, seen with inferior units.

INVO AL24 18W Surface Mount LED

  • 18 Watt
  • Size: 298*50mm
  • 1400 Lumen
  • 5 Year Warranty

INVO AL24 25W Surface Mount LED

  • 25 Watt
  • Size: 298*51mm
  • 2000 Lumen
  • 5 Year Warranty

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