INVO Firesafe®LED SKY Panel

Introducing the INVO Firesafe®LED SKY Panel – our MOST efficient fire-resistant panel.

Using just 33 Watts of power, the INVO Firesafe® LED SKY Panel, provides up to 30 minutes of life-saving fire-resistance and is fully compliant with BS2782-0, BS 476-6, BS476-12 and is compliant with Building Regulations Part L (2014). It has also been tested by the Lighting Industry Association and verified to be fully Tp(a) compliant. It’s CE certified and LM70 Tested ‘

As well as providing peace of mind in the event of a fire, the INVO Firesafe® LED SKY Panel also boasts a 130lm/watt ratio – the highest proven lumen to watt ratio currently available!

Both our standard and emergency INVO Firesafe® LED SKY Panel luminaires achieve their lengthy fire resistance thanks to their 3mm thick fire-resistant lenses. The majority of other products on the market use inferior 2mm thick lenses.

Add to this our installation service and a 5-year on-site industry leading warranty as standard and you have everything you need to meet today’s exacting safety standards – incredible fire resistance, straight-forward hassle-free installation and a best in class warranty guaranteeing you peace of mind.

INVO Firesafe® LED SKY Panel

  • 33W 130 Lumen per Watt output
  • Ideal for schools and offices
  • Sensor and emergency options available E
  • Excellent heat dissipation
  • Opal polycarbonate 3mm lens
  • Low UGR <19
  • Non-Corrosive & Shatterproof
  • Replace standard 595x595 fluorescent lighting
  • White powder coated aluminium frame
  • Size: 595x595x8mm

Specification Sheet

Download the specification sheet.
Compliant with:

  • BS2782-0
  • BS 476-6
  • BS476-12
  • Building Regulations Part L (2014)
  • Fully Tp(a) compliant
  • CE certified
  • LM70 Tested
  • Lighting Industry Association tested

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